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Welcome To TMG Mod Shop

Posted by TMG Modz x on June 5, 2010 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (4)

TMG modded Lobbies include:

10th Prestige (Including All Challenges, Titles & Emblems)

Leaderboard Hack

Teleport Around Map

Super jump

UFO Mode

Coloured Custom Classes

Modded Clan Tag

Loads Of Infections Including:

Wall Hack - Aimbot - Super Speed Or Slow Motion - Unlimited UAV - Cartoon Mode - Thermal Mode - And More

Prices Of Lobby:

£10-£15 For A Lobby Including Everything Above

£5 For Infections Only

£30 Rent A Lobby For 1Hour V.I.P Entry

Pay By Via PayPal

Hosting Times- Friday & Saturday 5pm till 11:30pm (some days longer)

Sunday 5pm Till  9pm

(UK Time Zone)

Site Created By: TMG B33chy x